Effects of the corona crisis on Hoffmann Group deliveries
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HOLEX tools - everyday heroes
Just find exactly the tool that you really need for your everyday working life !
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Abrasive flap discs from GARANT and HOLEX
The new range of high-performance discs offer the right solution for every requirement !
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Unitec Quality Tools Ltd.

Supplies Canada quality German tools for quality jobs. We distribute full range of Hoffmann Group product lines include 90,000 quality tools from brands GARANT, Hoffmann’s own premium brand and Holex Hoffmann’s own standard quality brand as well 500 of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Hoffmann Group catalog 51 (2020/2021)

The online catalog will help you to quickly find what you are looking for and to directly place an order. Even if you are on the move you can use the online flip catalog on your smartphone. If you would like to order FREE printed catalogs you can do so by using our contact form.

GARANT Premium Tools

Quality Tool Brand HOLEX

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