Unitec Quality Tools Ltd. is distributor of Hoffmann Group – Europe’s leading system
partner for quality tools in Canada.

Hoffmann Group Product lines include cutting tools, hand tools, metrology, workstations, and storage options.

Unitec Quality Tools Ltd. offer full range of Hoffmann Group prodcut lines include 85,000 quality tools from 500 of the world’s leading manufacturers as well brands GARANT, Hoffmann’s own premium brand and Holex Hoffmann’s own standard quality brand.


Unitec Quality Tools Ltd. will try to deliver all products quickly, most of the time it will be within a maximum of 10 days, however factors such as out of stock due to other orders, shipment delays over weekends etc our out of our control.

Rural / bulky / heavy goods may also have delay and you will be advised accordingly.
All prices shown exclude HST and any other Duty that may need to be applied by local
government bodies.

Minimum order value is 500 CAD or equivalent
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Abdul Durga – CEO

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